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Super School India: Slum kids stage street play across Delhi on child labour in fireworks industry

Slum children, part of a Delhi-based NGO called Super School India, showcased a 'nukkad naatak' in schools and public spaces to educate students and bystanders how they're unknowingly perpetuating the deplorable fireworks industry. If a child can easily understand his actions have horrible consequences, what are we waiting for? Children from a Delhi-based NGO called Super School India , showcased a 'nukkad naatak' (street play) in schools and public spaces to educate students and bystanders on how their love for crackers is perpetuating the deplorable fireworks industry. The actors, as young as 7 years old, also pledged to never burst crackers again. Founder of the NGO Radhika Mittal a Political Science graduate from the National University of Singapore,recently moved back to Delhi and has been following her passionate heart ever since. She and her team of volunteers have been successfully running a free after school learning program for underprivileged children. At Super School , along with academics, her team has a strong focus on teaching moral and civic issues to the children. Radhika Mittal believes that learning from a textbook is amazing but imbibing and practicing values that make a good human being, don't come easy. 24 slum children performed for over 1000 students in 4 government schools in Sangam Vihar, New Delhi in just two days. During the weekend before Diwali, hundreds of Delhiites got a taste of their courageous, energetic and moving performance at the PVR Saket market and Select City Walk mall. In the Nukkad Naatak or the street play the children helped the audience understand in an interactive way that while they have the privilege go to a school, some kids their age are working in factories, suffering from severe health issues. And that their tiny sacrifice of giving up crackers can lead to a positive change in the lives of many unfortunate children. SSI, regularly conducts activity-based lessons, creating an environment that encourages ethical behaviour overall. The street play this Diwali is just one beautiful example of the many activities the kids partake in. Radhika held auditions for the various roles and out of a total of 100 students, 24 were selected to perform. Onkar Grover and Tarun Kohli from Khanabadosh, a Delhi-based street theatre group, also took out time to deliver a workshop on acting for these young stars of Super School India. Radhika Mittal says that children at the NGO feel empowered and are looking forward to addressing more issues like sanitation, gender equality and cleanliness.

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